Salt Lake City Raider® Rooftop HVAC Systems

Raider® commercial

HVAC Equipment With Outstanding Value: Raider® Rooftop HVAC Systems

Earning 13.0 SEER, 11.5 EER and up to 13.2 IEER ratings, the Lennox® Raider commercial HVAC rooftop system will not compromise energy efficiency. An optional MSAV® supply fan provides year-round savings by lessening energy consumption, and it helps create better indoor air quality. Some of its other featured efficiencies include:


  • 60hz or 50Hz
  • 3- to 12.5-ton gas/electric and electric/electric configurations
  • 3- to 5-ton heat pump configurations
  • Obtained the ASHRAE 90.1 standard-efficiency rating

The Raider rooftop system also offers many compatibility benefits. For example, this system’s footprint is compatible with more than 20 years of existing units, which takes away the cost of adaptor curb in many jobs. Since it matches existing electrical and plumbing connections, installation costs are lowered, and it also weighs 18% less than other systems in its class. This system can use an optional BACnet, the industry’s leading networking protocol, for seamless integration with your building’s automation systems.

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